Arts Education
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Arts Education Programs

Community Engagement Programs for Educators

The Gallo Center for the Arts arts education program will provide an imaginative and accessible way for people of all ages to discover, understand, and appreciate the performing arts through:

  • Pre-performance lectures
  • Post-performance Q & A’s
  • Matinees specifically for school groups
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Adult education classes
  • Master classes for aspiring artists
  • Lecture demonstrations in public schools

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One of the three parts of the Center’s mission revolves around art education and to provide arts opportunities to members of the community.

The resident activities offer a unique opportunity for students and community groups to interact with professional artists from all over the world. These activities provide a variety of educational opportunities and enhance appreciation for the arts in general. The Center is dedicated to increasing participation for the arts, deepen and broaden people’s experiences in the arts and to encourage creativity.

The Gallo Center for the Arts is not about what happens on the stage but also what happens in the community, we are about quality of life.