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The Gallo Arts Center is a facility suited to the needs of regional professional and non-professional organizations as well as road companies. The center houses two performance venues, the 1248-seat Mary Stuart Rogers Theater and the 444-seat Foster Family Theater. Theaters are proscenium style with legitimate stage and fly loft.

The theaters have orchestra pits, stage aprons, and scene docks, and are equipped with modern audio-visual, rigging, drapery, lighting control, orchestra pit lift, and orchestra shell systems, allowing a wide range of acoustical, scenic and staging manipulation.

» Mary Stuart Rogers Theater – 1,248 seats

The forestage reflectors help to frame the 27’-0” high proscenium. The proscenium is 27’ 0’’ high with an adjustable from 60’ 0’’ to 40’ 0’’ wide using the sliding tormenters and a walking grid elevation of 66'-0". The stage is 45’-0” deep by 102’-6” wide. Dressing room space can accommodate approximately 60 performers.

» Foster Family Theater – 444 seats

The proscenium is 40’-0” wide by 24’-0” high and the stage is 34’-0” deep by 80’-10 wide and a walking grid elevation of 54'-6". The farthest seats being are within 60 feet of the proscenium will enhance the sense of acoustical intimacy throughout the hall. Dressing room space can accommodate approximately 20 performers.